Question 8 of 11 about Confirmation of Payee

I have a business account – what can I do to help make sure my customers don’t have any problems paying me?

Here are some tips to help make sure your customers and business partners can make payments to you

  • Include your full legal or ‘trading as’ name on invoices
  • If the name you’ve registered with us is a shortened version of your business name, tell your customers. Remember, we’ll only recognise the name we have on record
  • Remind customers not to create their own shortened versions of your business name, such as just using initials
  • Ask customers to only include your full legal or trading name in the ‘account name’ field. Tell them not to add any other information such as what the payment is for or the name of the bank
  • Make sure your customers and partners know that they’re making a payment to a business account, not a personal account

Watch our video to see how to make a payment.