Can I take a repayment holiday for my loan?

Loans under £25,000

If you originally borrowed less than £25,000, you might be eligible for a three-month repayment holiday. This means

  • You won’t need to make a payment on your next three monthly repayment dates
  • We’ll extend the term of your loan by three months, and add your three deferred payments to the end of your term
  • Even though you’re not making payments during the repayment holiday, we’ll still charge interest on your loan during this time, at the rate stated in your loan agreement – you’ll need to pay any interest you’ve accrued at the end of your extended term
  • The total amount you’ll have to repay will be more with a repayment holiday than without one. You can pay the accrued interest back whenever you like – you don’t have to wait until the end of your loan
  • We’ll continue to give information about your account to credit reference agencies
  • The repayment holiday is subject to eligibility criteria and terms and conditions. All other terms and conditions of your loan will stay the same

Loans over £25,000

If you originally borrowed more than £25,000, you might be eligible for a capital repayment holiday of up to 12 months. We can usually agree that within 48 hours after you apply if

  • Your loan term stays the same (which means your repayments would increase after the holiday)
  • You’ve been a Barclays client for at least a year
  • You’re not in the commercial property sector

Alternatively, you can refinance your loan to extend the term and reduce the payments, with the option to include a repayment holiday.

Next steps

To find out more or apply, please fill in our call-back form. If you have a payment due in the next ten days, your repayment holiday will start from the month after.

There are also a number of government support measures for businesses, like grants, that you might be eligible for – find out more about these at

You can learn more about the government’s finance options, and see if there’s a provider who could give you the finance you need. 

You can also appeal against our lending decision.