How is my data shared and used for digital receipts?

When you switch on digital receipts, you’ll receive an itemised digital receipt for any purchase you make at a participating retailer in the UK. As part of this service, you agree that we will

  • Switch on digital receipts for all Personal and Premier current accounts you hold with us and for any Wealth current accounts and Barclaycard accounts you hold when this service becomes available for them (excluding all joint accounts).
  • Share your anonymised transaction data with our service provider, Flux Systems Limited, who will match that data against the information they receive from participating retailers. 

Your use of this service is subject to the Barclays app terms and conditions. Key information

  • We’ll always try to provide you with a digital receipt for participating retailers, but factors outside our control may prevent this. For example, some retailers don’t offer digital receipts for transactions made online or at certain stores.
  • The ability to return items using a digital receipt is subject to the retailer’s returns policy
  • You can choose to stop receiving digital receipts at any time within the app.
  • Changing a sole account to a joint account will switch off digital receipts and you’ll lose access to your existing receipts. You can use the app to export your digital receipts before changing to a joint account.