Question 6 of 6 about Making a complaint

What if I’m not happy with the outcome of my complaint about a Sales Finance product?

If your complaint relates to Sales Finance products and services specifically, and you're not happy with how we’ve handled it, you may be eligible to refer it to UK Finance.

We're an Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending (IFABL) member of UK Finance, which has a code of practice for us to follow. You can see more information about the IFABL code and their complaints procedure in this PDF from the UK Finance website.

A complaint can only be referred to UK Finance once we've had the opportunity to investigate, so please contact us first. If you’re not satisfied with our final response – or if 12 weeks has passed since you first made your complaint – you can ask UK Finance to review your issue.

The UK Finance complaints procedure is managed by an independent specialist organisation called the UK Finance Ombudsman Service.

You can find out more about all of this on the UK Finance website.

Question 6 of 6 about Making a complaint

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