How do I use the audio PINsentry card reader?

We’ve designed the audio PINsentry card reader to help you if you have any difficulty with sight or reading.

  • To activate the audio tool, just turn up the dial on the card reader before you insert your card. You can listen either through the card reader’s built-in speaker or by plugging in headphones
  • Wait to hear the audio response after pressing a key, before pressing another one. If you press a key during the audio response, the card reader won’t register it
  • Press the CLEAR button straight after an audio response to repeat what was said
  • To get an 8-digit authorisation code you can either:
    • Press 0 to increase the size of the text on the card reader, making the code easier to read, or
    • Press 0 again to hear the first digit of the code, and continue pressing 0 to hear the next 7 digits. A single 'beep' will tell you when you’ve heard all the numbers of the code
  • The audio card reader does not need to be connected to your computer at any time. It works completely on its own, based on your card and the information you enter into it
  • Your audio card reader is battery powered and does not need to be plugged in. The battery should last between 2 and 3 years

  • You can request an audio PINsentry card reader by calling 0345 600 2323*+ , 24 hours a day.