How do I register for or upgrade to PINsentry?

If you use a membership number and passcode to access Online Banking, you already have access to the following features:

  • Check statement entries and balances
  • View direct debits
  • Transfer funds between your Barclays accounts that you can access online
  • Cancel or reduce the amount of standing orders
  • View and cancel direct debits
  • Manage Openplan
  • Make payments to people and companies you've paid before
  • Pay utility companies, credit and store card companies on our pre-approved list

If you need to set up new payments to friends, family or any other UK bank account, change your contact details, see balances, share your data or make transactions through third-party apps or websites, you can upgrade to PINsentry. To get started, visit Online Banking – then select ‘Order PINsentry card reader’ or ‘Upgrade to PINsentry’, under ‘Order’ in the ‘Service centre’ menu.

If you haven’t registered for Online Banking, you can register here.

Upgrade to PINsentry

Watch our video to see how to register for the app or upgrade basic access with PINsentry.