How do I split transactions within Money Tools?

You can use your Advanced Categorisation tool to take a single transaction and split it up into 2 or more categories. For example, if you’d been to the supermarket and the total cost covered both your weekly food shop and pharmacy items, you could split it between groceries and health.

  • Open your Advanced Categorisation tool and select the time period for the transaction you wish to split
  • Select the category name for the transaction and select ‘Split Transaction’
  • This will open a box in which you can select the 2 categories and enter the new amounts for each one
  • If you’d like to split the transaction between 3 categories, select ‘split again’. You can do this as many times as you like. You can also select ‘Delete’ to reduce the number
  • Select ‘Save’ and you’re all done
  • When you next view your split transactions, they will be marked with a scissors icon so you can identify them quickly
  • You can’t use the ‘Undo’ button to reverse a split transaction you already made, but you can repeat the process to reassign all the split parts to the same category