Can I cancel a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) with a payday loan company?

Yes, you have the legal right to cancel any CPA arrangement whenever you want to. Even if the payday loan company refuses to cancel it, your bank has to cancel these payments if you instruct them to.

To cancel a CPA with a payday loan company, you should first contact them and request that they cancel the payment arrangement. To ensure that money doesn’t continue to be taken from your account, you should also contact your bank and have them cancel the payment.

If your CPA is for your Barclays account, we can cancel the payment arrangement if you call us on 0800 400 100*+ , selecting option 2.

We’ll issue a notice to the business to stop them taking the payments. We’ll also keep a record of your instructions and monitor your account. If the payments continue to be taken from your account for any reason, we’ll refund the money, contact the business’s bank and send you a letter confirming the action we’ve taken**.

Please note that stopping payments to a payday loan company doesn’t mean that you no longer owe the money. But you can arrange with them a payment method that gives you more control and security over when and how money is taken from your account, such as a standing order, Direct Debit or manual payments.

**You can cancel Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) arrangements at any time. To stop a specific payment, you have to request cancellation at least one working day before it’s due. If you don’t, the payment will be honoured and your cancellation will apply to the next regular payment.