How do I cancel a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)?

Contact the company you have an arrangement with and ask them to cancel it. Make sure you understand your contractual agreement with them and when your service will stop.

Then give us call on 0800 400 100*+ (select option 2) and ask us to block any payment requests from this company. If they try to take a payment from your card, we’ll stop it for you. This cancels your agreement to pay for your service, but it doesn’t cancel the service itself.

If you want to block a specific payment, you’ll need to ask us at least one working day before it’s due. If not, that payment will still go out and we’ll apply your block from your next payment.

After we’ve added your block, the company might try to collect money from your account using a different name. If this happens, call us on the number above and we’ll refund it for you.

You can remove the block whenever you like – just give us a call. You’ll need to contact the company directly if you want to get back any services you’ve cancelled.