How do I know if I’ve taken out a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)?

If a business requested the long number across your debit or credit card for a regular payment, instead of your bank account number and sort code, then this is most likely a CPA arrangement.

Another way to find out if you have arranged a CPA is to check your statements to see what’s coming out regularly. Any regular payments that aren’t listed as standing orders or Direct Debits are CPAs. 

The most common instances of CPAs arrangements are for payday loan companies, online DVD rental subscriptions, porn websites, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships and mobile phone or cable TV subscriptions. 

Sometimes it’s impossible to pay for a service without a CPA, but if you can arrange a different payment method with them – standing order, Direct Debit or manual payments – we recommend this as it will give you more control and security over how and when money is taken from your account.