Are there limits to how much I can pay out using the Barclays app?

When you use your Barclays app, the total daily payment limit to existing payees is set at:

  • £10,000 for Personal current accounts
  • £30,000 for Premier accounts
  • £50,000 for Business accounts
  • £2,000 for new payees on the first payment only - then all the above limits apply.

To make payments over these limits, you’ll need to visit a branch.

To make a payment to someone new, you can use Online Banking or our app. To use Online Banking or the app, just log in using PINsentry and then make the payment. 

Using the app log in and use your debit card details and CVV to make the payment. Once done, you’ll be given the option to save the details.

When making transfers between your Barclays accounts in the app, the transaction limit is £250,000. If we decide to increase or decrease the daily limit, we’ll let you know two months before we do this.