How much can I send to payees in the Barclays app or Online Banking?

There’s a daily limit on the total amount you can send as a payment – these are different depending on your account type.

Account type App (New Payees) App (Existing Payees) ^ Online Banking Transfers between my accounts (per payment)
Personal £2,000 £10,000 £50,000 £250,000
Premier £5,000 £30,000* £100,000 £250,000
Business £7,500 £50,000* £100,000 £250,000

To make a payment over the Online Banking limits, you’ll need to visit a branch.

International transactions 

Higher value transactions typically receive a better exchange rate than lower value transactions. This means you might end up paying more if you split your payment over multiple transactions, even if each payment stays within the daily limit. To avoid this, please consider using Online Banking for transactions above the app limit or visiting a branch for transactions above the Online Banking limit.

*The single payment limit for international payments within the app is £25,000 per transaction. 

^Your daily limit will include immediate transfers as well as any bill payments, future-dated payments or standing orders set up on that day. That means even if your bill payment, standing order or future-dated payment is due to be paid on another date, it still counts towards today’s daily limit.

Direct Debits are not included in your total daily limit.