How do I get my Pingit account verification code?

If you’re registering your Barclays current account with Pingit, and you’ve got a PINsentry reader, it’s easy.

  • Go through the steps to register Pingit
  • You’ll get a PINsentry challenge and response code
  • Insert your card into the PINsentry reader
  • Enter your PIN
  • Press ‘Respond’
  • Follow the instructions

No PINsentry reader?

  • Use a card reader from another bank
  • Go to a Barclays branch and use their PINsentry reader
  • Use a Barclays cash machine:
    • Go to the main menu and select ‘Barclays Pingit services’
    • Enter your mobile number
    • Confirm your mobile number
    • Enter the ATM verification code from your Pingit app

If you’re not registering a Barclays account with Pingit, or you’re registering online

  • We’ll deposit £0.01 in the account you register for Pingit, or make two small payments for different amounts
  • We’ll ask you for the payment reference on the £0.01 deposit or the amounts of the small payments