How do I make a payment to someone new with Pingit?

To pay someone new you’ll need to

  • Tap ‘Pay’ on the home screen
  • Enter the name or mobile number in the search box, or tap ‘+’ to choose a contact
  • Tap in the amount you want to send. You can also add a message
  • Tap ‘Review payment’
  • Confirm the payment

We’ll send you both a notification confirming the payment. If the person you’ve paid is registered with Pingit or Paym or saved beneficiary, they’ll get the payment straight away. If they’re not, we'll create a unique link you can share with them, so that they can use it to collect the payment. No money will be taken from your account until they collect the payment. If they don’t collect the payment within 7 days, it’ll be cancelled.

To pay a business you haven’t paid before

  • Scroll down the home screen and tap ‘Pay a business’
  • Type the business name in the search box or choose a category
  • When you find the business, tap ‘Pay’

You’ll get a notification when your payment reaches the business.

To pay a charity you haven’t paid before

  • On the home screen, scroll down and tap ‘Donate to charity’
  • Type the charity name in the search box or choose it from the list
  • Tap ‘Pay’
  • Tap in the amount and add a reference
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

If the person you want to pay has linked their Twitter ID to Pingit, you can pay them by entering their Twitter ID instead of their mobile number.