How long do Pingit payments take?

Other Pingit users will get your payment straight away. Paym users who don’t use Pingit will usually get your payment straight away – but it can take up to 2 hours.

If you’re paying someone who isn’t registered with Pingit or Paym, we'll create a unique link you can share with them, so that they can use it to collect the payment. No money will be taken from your account until they collect the payment. If they don’t collect the payment within 7 days, it’ll be cancelled. 

If you’re using Pingit to pay someone using their sort code and account number, and you bank with us

  • The payment will be made straight away if they have a UK current account with us 
  • If they’re a UK current account holder, the payment will usually be made within 30 minutes, using Faster Payments (though this could sometimes take up to 24 hours)

Sometimes we need to carry out extra checks on payments to help protect against fraud, and this can delay things.