Cobrowsing with Barclays

Cobrowsing is some smart technology we can use that, with your permission, allows us to see the webpage you’re looking at, while we’re on the phone or chatting online. Because we’re literally on the same page, it means we can help resolve your query in a much more efficient and precise way. For example, we could co-pilot with you as you go through the process of opening an account.

Cobrowsing is currently only available for existing customers of our Plan & Invest service.

How it works

If you’re logged in to Plan & Invest and you’d like some help, then we can start Cobrowsing. Call or chat to us online and we’ll ask your permission to look at the same screen as you. We can highlight sections as we talk, but we can’t click on your screen, type anything in or scroll up and down – you’re always in control.

Be confident Cobrowsing with us

We understand the idea of letting someone else see your screen might concern you from a security point of view. That’s why we want to reassure you this service is genuine and uses secure methods.

  • We’ll always ask for your explicit permission to start a Cobrowsing session, and we’ll always let you know when it’s finished
  • You’ll be asked to join a session in one of two ways
    • Using a one-time passcode given to you over the phone
    • Accepting an invite while chatting online
  • We’ll never ask you to download any software to use the service
  • Cobrowsing works well with most web browsers, but not Internet Explorer
  • We can’t see anything else you have open on your device, and we don’t store what we’ve seen in a Cobrowsing session
  • There’s no need to feel rushed to agree to something in a Cobrowsing session – you can decide at your leisure
  • You can end a Cobrowsing session at any time
  • We can’t see anything on your screen once our session has finished


Find out more about how Cobrowsing works and what we’re doing to help keep you safe online.