Question 5 of 12 about PPI complaints information

What happens after I’ve made a complaint?

After you’ve made a complaint, the following 3 steps will apply:


Step  What happens When?
Step 1:
We’ll acknowledge your complaint and give you a personal reference number. Once you have your reference number, it’ll be easier to get an update on the progress of our investigation. Within 5 working days of your complaint reaching us
Step 2:
We’ll conduct a thorough investigation of how PPI was sold to you using all the information available to us. We might need to contact you if we have a question about the information you’ve given us or we need more information from you to complete our investigation.  

If we need more information, we’ll try and reach you by phone and, if you provide a mobile number or email address, we’ll let you know we’re trying to reach you.  Please provide as many contact details as possible so we can resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.
This can take up to 6 weeks, but is often sooner
Step 3 :
We are obliged to provide you with a decision on your complaint within 8 weeks. However, in some cases this could take longer than 8 weeks. If it does, we’ll contact you to let you know our decision has been delayed. Within 8 weeks