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  • Finance for franchises

    Get your franchise off to a flying start with support from industry experts, plus products and services to help you make a success of your business.

  • How to renovate your bathroom or kitchen

    From cost and essentials to installing the latest smart tech, experts share practical tips for revamping a kitchen or bathroom.

  • Money goals

    Take a step back from everyday life and reflect on what you’re doing to meet your financial goals.

  • How to help save money on bills

    You could save on your utility bills. Check our guide for tips on how to save money on your household bills

  • Agriculture

    Get access to our team of dedicated agriculture managers and talk to us about the business challenges in milk, cereals and animal husbandry.

  • Top cashflow tips

    Whether it’s managing invoices or offering flexible payments, find out how you could avoid common cashflow pitfalls.

  • 3 smart ways to use your property this summer

    From short lets to luxury home swaps, consider these ways to use your home or second property when it’s empty

  • Budget 2018

    Find out what’s been announced in the Budget 2018 and how it will affect your business

  • Funding for entrepreneurs

    Northern Ireland’s biggest burgeoning tech hub gets access to funding, networking and scale-up support from Barclays entrepreneur offering. Find out more.

  • The pros and cons of fixed income investments

    Here we examine fixed income investments, and weigh up their potential benefits and drawbacks for investors.

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