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  • Additional borrowing

    You could borrow more against your property to fund home improvements, special purchases and more. Find out about our rates and how to apply.

  • When you're serving

    If you’re in the Armed Forces, our range of banking services could help to support you.

  • Mobility or dexterity impairment

    Tools you may find useful to access our branches and services.

  • Planning your holiday

    Handy info on planning for your holiday – including the latest apps to help you with everything from packing to managing your money abroad.

  • Declined by a lender

    Find out why lenders decline applications for credit cards, loans, mortgages and what to do next. Discover what you need to know about ‘bad credit’ loans.

  • Using social media for your business

    Using social media effectively in business can have big benefits. From knowing your audience to sharing the right message, we’re here to help.

  • New building, new business

    Financing a new commercial building: Aquapac is seeing huge benefits after moving to a new building, with Barclays helping to drive further growth.

  • Switching to Barclays

    Switching to a Barclays Business current account is hassle-free with our free switching service.

  • Confessions of an interior designer

    Confessions of interior designer: Get decorating advice from the experts and avoid the decorating faux pas that can ruin a home.

  • Renovating a house on a budget

    How to renovate your house on budget. Find out the cheapest and most cost-effective renovations which will add value to your home.

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