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  • Top-up your mobile at cash machines

    Find out how you can top up your mobile phone at Barclays cash machines.

  • Barclays Bank Account

    A straightforward basic bank account from Barclays bank accounts. Contactless debit card. Free online banking. No monthly fee.

  • Get ready

    We’ve got plenty of ways to help you while you’re at uni, from new accounts to cashback on essentials.

  • Identification For Bank Accounts │ Barclays

    Applying for a Barclays Bank Account, Current Account Plus, Additions Active or Premier Life bank account? Here's what you'll need to show us to prove your identity and address.

  • Need some help?

    With Contactless Mobile you can pay with your Android phone, anywhere you see the contactless symbol. It’s a quick, simple way to make NFC payments.

  • Barclays online videos

    At Barclays, we understand that some aspects of banking can be confusing, which is why we aim to provide the information you want through a variety of mediums, from in-branch advice to online videos.

  • Coming To Work In The UK?

    This page contains all the information you'll need to apply for a Barclays account. Moving to a new country can be a bewildering experience and one of the first things you'll want to do is get your finances sorted out.

  • What you get

    Want to put your money somewhere other than your pocket? Discover our Barclays Young Person's Account for teens between 16 & 19 years old.

  • An account you can really make your own

    Barclays have a range of current accounts to suit different lifestyles. Choose one that’s right for you.

  • Key features and benefits

    Agricultural mortgages

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