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  • Renovating a house on a budget

    How to renovate your house on budget. Find out the cheapest and most cost-effective renovations which will add value to your home.

  • Welsh language policy

    We are committed to being accessible to everyone. Take a look at our Welsh language policy at Barclays.

  • Space to grow

    How Barclays is helping an online retailer grow his business with a new warehouse.

  • Our accessibility statement

    At Barclays, we're committed to meeting all our customers' needs, and to helping change how people regard disability.

  • Your banks in one app

    Find out how to see your current accounts from different banks in the Barclays app, and how bank account aggregation works.

  • Protect yourself from fraud

    More and more people are victims of fraud, so knowing about the different types can help you protect you and your money.

  • Additional borrowing

    You could borrow more against your property to fund home improvements, special purchases and more. Find out about our rates and how to apply.

  • How to renovate your bathroom or kitchen

    From cost and essentials to installing the latest smart tech, experts share practical tips for revamping a kitchen or bathroom.

  • Renovate vs rebuild

    Work out whether it's better to renovate or demolish and rebuild with this useful guide on the cost of renovating vs building new

  • Entrepreneurs uncovered: Nick Jenkins

    Nick Jenkins, founder of online card company Moonpig, tells us how personalised products and the power of word of mouth helped his business unfold.

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