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  • Banking from home

    Find out how to manage your money online and with the Barclays app, so you can keep banking safely and securely from home.

  • Make the most of your new account

    Find out how to make the most of your new Barclays account in just 3 steps.

  • When you're serving

    If you’re in the Armed Forces, our range of banking services could help to support you.

  • Identity fraud

    How fraudsters can steal personal information about you to impersonate, and obtain money in your name.

  • Emails, text messages and calls

    How fraudsters use emails, text messages or phone calls claiming to be from a well-known company or organisation.

  • Cash machine fraud

    How fraudsters can distract you at a cash machine, so you lose sight of your card and your bank account is emptied before you realise.

  • Pay by Bank app

    Pay online at checkout with Pay by Bank app – plus information on our latest offers

  • Remote access fraud

    How fraudsters gain access to your personal data by pretending to solve a problem they’ve found for you.

  • Phone number checker

    Input any phone number into our phone number checker and we’ll confirm whether it’s a genuine Barclays telephone number for you.

  • Contactless Mobile terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions for using Contactless Mobile in your Barclays Mobile Banking app.

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