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  • Updating your business details

    Help us stop financial crime and get the best business banking service by keeping your Barclays account details up to date.

  • Business Direct team

    Whatever your plans, our Business Direct team is on-hand to help your business flourish. Just pick up the phone.

  • Planning your business exit

    Taking a close look at your motivation, the details of your business and likely buyers can help you plan a successful exit.

  • Business interest rates

    Rates and charges for Barclays Business banking accounts.

  • Bike cover

    Protect your pedals, home and away. Insure your most expensive bike and we’ll automatically cover all the other bikes in your home up to the same value.

  • Reducing your inheritance tax bill

    See our ten steps for reducing your inheritance tax bill and protecting your assets.

  • Blue Rewards Terms and Conditions

    Barclays Blue Rewards terms and conditions apply to all Blue Rewards customers. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

  • Breakdown Cover Pack

    Feel better knowing you're covered with RAC UK roadside and at-home breakdown cover for you and one other member of your household.

  • Keep moving

    Count on the protection you need every day, and for every holiday, with our market-leading Travel Pack. It combines comprehensive UK and European RAC cover

  • Understanding global trade

    Get a better understanding of international trade services by learning about some of the most common terms and situations.

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