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  • Saving up for travel

    Read our tips to help you get your travel plans off the ground

  • Supporting you through Brexit

    With the UK set to leave the EU this year, here’s some information that might help you prepare your finances.

  • Life after graduation

    If you’ve graduated or left university recently, we’ve got accounts and products for you – learn how you could earn rewards, save money and more.

  • Buying a car?

    There’s lots to consider when buying a car, from what type of car to how much it’ll cost to run. Our tips can help get you on the road.

  • 5 essential apps to help make your life easier

    Whether you need to sort out your to-do list or get to grips with your finances, take a look at this selection of handy apps.

  • 7 tricks for your tech

    Experts reveal their top tips to help you get more from your gadgets

  • Life's Moments

    Some moments in life you can plan for; whilst others take you by surprise! Our Life’s Moments pages are designed to help you with significant moments in yo

  • Personal items insurance

    Worldwide cover for your belongings – such as jewellery, watches, musical instruments and designer clothes – whether you’re at home or out and about.

  • Higher Education Account

    Finished uni? Try a graduate bank account that rewards you! Borrow up to £3,000 in your first year after graduation, subject to status and application.

  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay lets you use your Apple device to pay with your Barclays debit card or Barclaycard wherever you see the Apple Pay or contactless logo.

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