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  • After you've served

    If you’re in the Armed Forces, our range of banking services could help to support you.

  • Manage your Premier mortgage

    Manage your mortgage quickly and easily in Online Banking, and check your balance, term and more in the Barclays Mobile Banking app.

  • Worth every penny

    Meet four households who have created unique homes worth every penny put into them.

  • Blue Rewards Terms and Conditions

    Barclays Blue Rewards terms and conditions apply to all Blue Rewards customers. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

  • IPOs explained

    Learn about how companies float on the stock market with our guide on how IPO's work, what to look out for and a handy glossary of key IPO terms.

  • Budget 2018

    Read more about what’s been announced in the Budget 2018 and how it may affect you – and your money.

  • The pros and cons of online estate agents

    If you’re planning to buy a house, check out the pros and cons of an online estate agent vs a traditional high-street estate agent.

  • Buy or rent?

    Deciding whether to buy a home for the first time or continue renting can be a difficult decision. Read our guide to help work out what suits you best.

  • How do I make a video call?

    See how to make a video call, either from Barclays Mobile Banking using the Barclays Video Call app, or from for mortgage queries.

  • Improving your home

    From a new bedroom for your newborn to a patio for summer, we could help make your home your special place.

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