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  • How to apply

    Thinking of remortgaging? With our Great Escape mortgages you won’t have to pay application, valuation or standard legal fees.

  • Base rate information

    Find information about UK mortgage interest rates here and how changes to the base rate can affect your mortgage.

  • Commercial mortgages

    Business mortgages

  • Choosing the right option for you

    There are lots of reasons why you might want to borrow money, and choosing the right option for you can seem tricky – that’s why it’s a good idea to research what’s available.

  • Remortgaging with us

    Thinking of moving your mortgage? Our helpful guide to remortgaging can take you through the things you need to consider and the steps you should follow.

  • Corporate Deeds of Priority

    Corporate Deeds of Priority

  • Corporate Deeds of Priority

    Corporate Deeds of Priority

  • All together Premier

    Barclays Premier Banking offers you exclusive products and value to get more out of your bank as well as the things you love in life.

  • What kind of mortgage are you interested in?

    See how to get a mortgage with Barclays Mortgages step-by-step guide. It helps you with your application, from start to finish.

  • How it works

    Get the property you want with a little help from your family or loved ones. Borrow up to £500,000, without a borrower deposit.

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