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  • Commercial mortgage case study

    Find out how we helped Finders International secure a commercial mortgage to buy a new property, expand their company and provide new jobs in the community

  • Paying off your mortgage early

    Thinking about using your savings or a cash windfall to pay off your mortgage early? Find out about your options.

  • Mortgage payment holiday ending

    If you’ve taken a mortgage payment holiday because of coronavirus, here are your options when it’s coming to an end.

  • End of temporary mortgage support

    If your temporary mortgage support is coming to an end, here’s what happens next – and how we can help if you’re worried about your repayments.

  • Mortgage cost and repayment calculator

    Calculate the cost and repayment of your mortgage with Barclays. See the options we offer, each with clear payment terms and attractive interest rates.

  • How do I get a mortgage quote?

    Find out how you can get a mortgage quote from our advisers and make a mortgage application.

  • Moving home mortgage guides

    From selling your current home to sorting out the mortgage for your new one, we’ve got some tips and insights to help.

  • Life insurance for mortgage protection

    Barclays life insurance for mortgage protection helps ensure your home is protected if you die or become critically ill. See how it works. T&Cs apply.

  • Mortgages

    We make mortgages easier, whether you’re remortgaging, buying your first home or buying to let. Discover the process of applying for a mortgage here.

  • Premier mortgages

    Enjoy exclusive access to our Premier mortgages for your home or buy-to-let property – whether you're buying, remortgaging or switching your rate.

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