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  • Cashback terms and conditions

    Barclays Cashback terms and conditions apply to all offers relating to Barclays Cashback schemes. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

  • Cashback terms and conditions

    Legal terms for Cashback with Barclays

  • Introduction to shares

    Companies issue shares as a means of raising money. Several factors can move share prices, including investor sentiment and corporate actions.

  • Your wealth

    Whatever the future holds, we’re here to help you achieve your financial goals . Investments can fall in value.

  • Barclays Life Insurance

    Our life insurance is here to give your loved ones some financial security if you die or become terminally ill.

  • Bridging the cashflow gap

    When landing big-name clients meant putting an end to supplier finance, find out how Malcolm Watson reimagined his company’s cashflow strategy.

  • Why are ISAs so popular?

    Find out why the different types of ISAs are more popular than ever among investors.

  • International tools and offers

    Get free insights into local markets and save with exclusive discounts, plus tools and services designed to keep your business banking quick and easy.

  • Guide to exporting

    From reaching more customers to increasing your turnover, here are 10 reasons why exporting could benefit your business.

  • London Help to Buy

    You could buy a new-build home in London with just a 5% deposit through the London Help to Buy equity loan scheme.

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