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  • Technology in agriculture

    Mike Hambly is a fast-moving farmer with an app for everything. See how smartphones are changing the way he manages his business.

  • Barclays Mobile Banking app

    Barclays Mobile Banking app allows you to make payments, move money between accounts and view balances and transactions from your phone.

  • How to register for Barclays Mobile Banking

    The Barclays Mobile Banking app lets you manage your money, make payments and more when you’re on the go – and now signing up is even easier.

  • Mobile banking services from Barclays

    Stay in control of your money wherever you are, with our mobile banking app, mobile payments app and Text Alerts.

  • Barclays Pingit on Windows Lumia

    Pingit has arrived to Lumia Smartphones and it gives you the freedom to pay for your bills, send money to friends, family or abroad on the go.

  • Getting the most from your savings

    Our savings guide has all you need to know about getting a better return for your money

  • Our home insurance products

    Get a home insurance quote from Barclays. Choose the type of policy you’re interested in and learn more about what we offer.

  • Features

    If you’re aged 11-15 with a BarclayPlus account, get our award-winning mobile banking app. You can use it to check your balance, and move money between your accounts.

  • Planning your holiday

    Handy info on planning for your holiday – including the latest apps to help you with everything from packing to managing your money abroad.

  • Apps to manage your business

    Want your business to be more efficient? Find out how to use apps to manage your business. We look at the tools that give you the insights you need.

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