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    A flexible and rewarding current account. Earn monthly cash rewards with Blue Rewards. Shape the account to your needs with travel, gadget and home cover.

  • Accounts with extra features

    Find our best current accounts, from accounts with extra features and monthly cash rewards to a free basic account with contactless debit card.

  • Get ready

    We’ve got plenty of ways to help you while you’re at uni, from new accounts to cashback on essentials.

  • Everyday payments made easy

    With Barclays, payments are simple, quick and secure, giving you full control of your spending at all times. Find the payment options that suit you below.

  • More ways to bank

    Barclays provides various ways to check your balance, send money abroad or collect travel money. Find out more about ways to bank with Barclays.

  • How to apply for the Travel Pack

    Barclays Travel Pack add-on for current accounts offers European family travel insurance and protection for your card abroad and within the UK.

  • Digital Banking Newsletter: February 2014

    Use Barclays Cloud It to keep digital copies of your important documents safe, and find out how to set up reminders for important payments.

  • Need some help?

    With Contactless Mobile you can pay with your Android phone, anywhere you see the contactless symbol. It’s a quick, simple way to make NFC payments.

  • What you get

    Our children's bank account is perfect for 11-15 year olds looking to save. Open an account with as little as £1 and enjoy instant access.

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    Take advantage of tax-free savings and instant access to your money with our Instant Cash ISA. Find out more and apply online today.

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