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  • Mortgage options

    Take a look at the range of mortgages we can offer to help with your plans.

  • Mortgage guarantee scheme

    Find out about the Mortgage guarantee scheme, whether it’s right for you and how to apply for a 95% mortgage.

  • How does remortgaging work?

    Remortgaging is the process of moving to a new mortgage lender while staying in the same property. Read our guide and discover if this is right for you.

  • How to help save money on bills

    You could save on your utility bills. Check our guide for tips on how to save money on your household bills

  • Take control of your next step

    Get advice on all aspects of life from Barclays, from buying a home to saving for retirement. Watch the videos filmed by staff for tips and advice.

  • Ways to borrow with us

    There are many reasons to borrow and many ways to do it. See which one’s right for you.

  • Renovating a house

    Experts reveal the top home renovations and refurbishments to consider to add space or value to your property.

  • A focus on joint mortgages

    Know your mortgage options when buying with someone or want to help them get their first property.

  • Renovating a house on a budget

    How to renovate your house on budget. Find out the cheapest and most cost-effective renovations which will add value to your home.

  • Real home-renovation stories

    Looking for renovation tips? Five homeowners share their renovating secrets, and what they wished they’d known before starting the work.

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