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  • How to decide where to live

    Wanting to buy but not sure where? Take a look below at one house-seeker’s top tips for finding the ideal location.

  • Confessions of an interior designer

    Confessions of interior designer: Get decorating advice from the experts and avoid the decorating faux pas that can ruin a home.

  • Base rate change and mortgages

    Find all the information about the UK base rate, and discover how the Bank of England base rate change can affect your mortgage.

  • Costs involved in buying a house

    Being aware of all the costs involved when buying a home, from solicitor costs to insurance, can help you plan. Discover all the costs to consider here.

  • Consent to let

    If you want to let out your home temporarily, we might have options that could help.

  • Moving home

    Thinking of moving? Read our tips on how to choose a location, weigh up the cost, sort out your mortgage and make plans for moving day and beyond.

  • Additional mortgage borrowing

    You can apply to borrow more on your Barclays mortgage for home improvements, a special purchase and more.

  • Remortgage guides

    Find out why moving your mortgage to us from your current lender could be right for you – and how the remortgaging process works.

  • Steps to buying your first home

    A breakdown of the property buying process for first-time buyers.

  • Compare our remortgage interest rates

    Move from your current lender to us and enjoy our best remortgage interest rates. Discover all our remortgage options and find one that suits your needs.

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