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  • Unsecured loans

    Unsecured loans allow you to borrow money without having to risk major assets such as your home. Learn more about this borrowing option.

  • Premier landlord mortgages

  • Change your mortgage by adding or removing someone

    Find out how to change your mortgage by adding or removing a partner if your circumstances have changed.

  • Foreign currency

    Order foreign currency online with Barclays, and get free home delivery in the UK.

  • Home equity loans

    What are home equity loans? We explore who they’re suitable for, and how they enable people to raise money against the value in their home.

  • Home loans

    What are home loans? We explore how they can help you borrow money to buy a home, raise finance using your existing home, or for equity release.

  • Premier Banking

    Barclays Premier Banking offers you exclusive products and value to get more out of your bank as well as the things you love in life.

  • Barclays Bank Account

    Double Barclays Blue Rewards

  • Children’s Instant Saver

    Start saving for your children's future today with our instant-access savings account.

  • Buy-to-let centre

    If you're investing in property, we're here to help with buy-to-let mortgages, property market advice and specialist insurance for landlords.

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