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  • Car loans

    Use our car finance calculator to find out how much you could borrow to buy your next car. Read our conditions and apply for a car loan now.

  • Home improvement loan

    Our home renovation loan could help you get more from your property. If you’re considering a new kitchen, lounge or extension, estimate your loan rate.

  • Credit cards

    Whether you're new to credit, looking to transfer your balance or you want to earn rewards, there's a Barclaycard for you. Apply for a credit card today.

  • Helpful Start

    Learn about our Helpful Start account. It’s available with our Family Springboard Mortgage – the interest rate is linked to the Bank of England Bank Rate.

  • Bank of England base rate

    Find out what the recent rise in the base rate means for you, whether you have savings, a mortgage or a credit card with us.

  • How is my Mortgage Reserve limit calculated?

    See how to find out how your Barclays Mortgage Reserve limit is calculated.

  • What’s the interest rate on my Mortgage Reserve?

    See what the interest rate will be on your Barclays Mortgage Reserve here.

  • Three ways to invest for income

    The prolonged backdrop of ultra-low interest rates has meant that a greater number of people have had to look at alternatives to savings accounts.

  • How central banks impact your investments

    Find out about how central banks and governments impact your investments.

  • Buy-to-let mortgages

    Want to invest in a buy-to-let property or expand your portfolio? We've got tips, mortgages and insurance deals for experienced and aspiring landlords.

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