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  • Non-sterling reference rates

    External reference rates for currencies other than Pounds Sterling, commonly used by Barclays Business Banking in the UK for some Deposit products.

  • Switch rates for landlords

    If you have a Premier mortgage with us for a buy-to-let property, we can offer you exclusive rates if you want to switch to a new deal.

  • Savings interest rates

    Here you’ll find all the best interest rate information for our savings accounts – those you can apply for now, plus ones we offered previously.

  • Moving home rates

    Take a look at the rates we offer if you have a mortgage with us and you’re thinking about selling your current home and living somewhere else.

  • Exclusive buy-to-let rates

    Get exclusive rates if you already have a buy-to-let mortgage with us and want to switch to a new rate or borrow more.

  • Business interest rates

    Rates and charges for Barclays Business banking accounts.

  • Previous business interest rates

    Rates and charges for Barclays Business Banking accounts, find out more today at

  • Euro Savings interest rates

    Current and previous interest rates for our Euro Savings account, plus account information.

  • Blue Rewards Saver rates

    Find account information, plus current interest rates for our Blue Rewards Saver account, which is only available to Barclays Blue Rewards members.

  • Promotional rates and how they work

    An explanation of promotional rates and how they work, so you can choose the credit card that’s right for you.

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