Help with Savings and investments Accounts

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  • Customise my account

    Shape your account to fit your needs. Add features and packs to make your Barclays account work better for you. Find out more about Barclays Additions.

  • Euro Account

    If you regularly make or receive euro payments, apply for Barclays Euro current account. Find out more about Euro bank accounts today.

  • Manage your account

    You can let us know if your card's been lost or stolen, view your PIN and update your personal details in the Barclays app – here's how.

  • Community Account

    We’ve designed our Community Account to meet the needs of clubs, charities, societies and other forms of associations. See if your organisation is eligible

  • Investment Account

    Find out how you can earn interest on any uninvested cash in your Investment Account.

  • Investment Account

    Find out about how to open an Investment Account in addition to the different features available.

  • Managing your money

    Learn about how you could improve your finances with our money management tips – from budget planning to alerts.

  • Cashback terms and conditions

    Legal terms for Cashback with Barclays

  • Four ways to nudge yourself into saving and investing

    Scientific theory suggests subtle pushes can help us take important steps to saving and investing for the long term.

  • Options in a low interest rate environment

    Learn how to make sure your money is working as hard as possible for you in this low interest rate environment. Capital at risk.

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