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  • Are shares right for me?

    Not sure if shares are right for you? Make sure you understand the risks involved and the importance of research.

  • What are smart beta funds?

    Learn about the differences between active and passive investing and why a smart beta fund may offer the best of both worlds. Capital at risk.

  • Exchange traded funds and tracker funds compared

    Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and tracker funds are both passive investments that replicate the movement of a particular index. Learn more here.

  • How to choose a fund

    Choosing which funds to invest in isn’t always easy, particularly with so many different options to choose from. We look at ways to simplify the process.

  • Budget 2018

    Read more about what’s been announced in the Budget 2018 and how it may affect you – and your money.

  • Retirement planning for your 50s and 60s

    In part two of our articles on retirement planning for every decade, there are several things to consider when you're in your 50s and 60s.

  • Behind the scenes

    The following videos feature a number of experts in our investments team who are responsible for managing your money.

  • Why invest with Barclays?

    Learn about investing with Barclays Ready-made investments and how they aim for different levels of risk and reward.

  • How we select our Active funds

    Our active fund selection is made up of funds that have built solid reputations and established sound investment processes.

  • Is the US stock market in a bubble?

    We consider whether the US stock market is in a bubble, and what investors should be considering when thinking about share prices.

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