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  • Investments

    Expert investments insights to help you preserve and grow your wealth to reach your financial objectives. Investments can fall in value.

  • How to fund your account

    Watch our step-by-step video to learn how to fund your Smart Investor account

  • What service does Smart Investor offer?

    Barclays Smart Investor is an online investment platform, designed to help you make your own investment decisions so you can achieve your financial goals.

  • About our Funds List

    The Barclays Funds List will help you narrow down the wide range of funds available for you to invest in.

  • How do we select our Funds List?

    Selecting an active fund involves making a judgment on the investment manager responsible for the fund. We explain how we apply this process at Barclays.

  • How To videos

    View our How To videos to help you get the most out of your Smart Investor account.

  • Podcast

    Find out what our experts think about the latest news and financial market events with our podcast, Word on the Street.

  • A meek market?

    Will Hobbs discusses the recent bounce in equities, our outlook for the US bond market, and what they mean for your investment portfolio.

  • 10 benefits of Smart Investor

    Whether you’re new to investing or a more experienced investor, Smart Investor has lots of different tools to help. Capital’s at risk.

  • Ways Ready-Made Investments make investing easier

    Ready-made Investments are one way to gain exposure to a diverse range of funds, aligned to your risk appetite. Capital at risk.

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