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  • Behind the scenes

    The following videos feature a number of experts in our investments team who are responsible for managing your money.

  • Ethical vs Impact Investing

    Investors seeking to help the society or environment have several options. Here, we consider how ethical and impact investing differ.

  • How to buy shares

    Once you’re comfortable with your level of risk, your next step is to start building your portfolio. Find out about the different ways you can buy shares.

  • Barclays Charity Fund

    Through the Barclays Charity Fund, we’ve identified five key investment trends for charities.

  • Man GLG Income Fund

    We look at a fund that regularly shops in the bargain aisle, investing in UK shares, to build a portfolio of cheap but good quality companies.

  • Robert Smith

    Meet Robert Smith, Head of Behavioural Finance for Barclays Investment Solutions. Read his investing articles and stay up-to-date.

  • 10 benefits of Smart Investor

    Whether you’re new to investing or a more experienced investor, Smart Investor has lots of different tools to help. Capital’s at risk.

  • Ways Ready-Made Investments make investing easier

    Ready-made Investments are one way to gain exposure to a diverse range of funds, aligned to your risk appetite. Capital at risk.

  • What is Barclays Smart Investor?

    The direct investing service from Barclays is designed to help you make your own investment decisions.

  • How we select our Active funds

    Our active fund selection is made up of funds that have built solid reputations and established sound investment processes.

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