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  • What is a SIPP?

    If you’re looking for greater control over how your retirement savings are invested, and you have investment expertise and the necessary time then a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) could be worth considering.

  • Before you start

    Explore our articles about addressing other aspects of your personal finances before you start investing.

  • Legal information

    Find here all legal information regarding Smart Investor.

  • Start planning now

    Find out how your savings or investments could potentially perform in the future with Barclays Life Planner.

  • Your first steps

    Taking your first steps as an investor can be daunting. We look at some of the principles you need to get to grips with before you begin.

  • Staying invested

    Explore our articles about committing to long-term investments to give your money the greatest chance to grow. Capital at risk.

  • How do I make a complaint?

    If you have a problem with the Smart Investor service, please let us know here.

  • Reducing unnecessary risk

    The level of risk you're willing to take may depend on several factors, such as your goals, how comfortable you are accepting losses, and your timeframe.

  • Beginner’s Guide

    Knowing where to start isn't easy. Our Beginner’s Guide to Investing takes you through six short steps to help you set out on your investing journey.

  • Understanding the importance of diversification

    Barclays’ Senior Quantitative Analyst Will Morris, explains why diversification is important, and gives tips on how you can actually go about achieving it.

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