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  • Are you giving me advice?

    No – Barclays Smart Investor is a self directed non-advised investment service that lets you pick and choose your own investments.

  • How can I buy and sell funds?

    Find out how to buy and sell funds once you've opened a Barclays Smart Investor ISA or Investment Account.

  • Investments Explained

    Smart Investor offers funds, ETFs, investment trusts, shares, cash and bonds. Learn about all available options here.

  • How do I set up a regular investment?

    Find out all you need to know about making regular investments through Barclays Smart Investor. Your capital is at risk when you invest.

  • Lowdown on ISAs

    View the first episode of Smart Investor with Clare Francis, as Clare tackles the subject of ISAs. Tax rules can change.

  • The Global Sustainability Trust PLC

    Find out about The Global Sustainability Trust PLC IPO, including more information and details of how to invest with Barclays Smart Investor.

  • Clare Francis

    Meet Clare Francis, director of Savings and Investments for Barclays Smart Investor. Read her investing articles and stay up-to-date.

  • All ISA articles

    Learn about the Smart Investor Investment ISA, a tax-efficient account that protects your returns from income, dividend and capital gains tax.

  • How much does investing cost?

    Use our cost calculator or see the customer and transaction fees at-a-glance to find out how much your fees will be with Smart Investor.

  • The traits of a successful investor

    Clare interviews Dr. Peter Brooks, Barclays’ Head of Behavioural Finance, to find out why some of the things we do in our everyday lives are connected with

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