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  • Legal information

    Find here all legal information regarding Smart Investor.

  • Investing insights

    Keep up to speed with the latest investment and economic insights from our experts. We provide in-depth analysis and timely commentary on market events.

  • Our investment principles explained

    In this episode, Clare brings our principles of investing to life and walks through some of the key things you should consider.

  • Shares

    When you buy shares, you effectively become part owner of a company, but they can carry higher risks than funds.

  • Investment strategies

    Read articles about investment strategies.

  • Allocation policy

    Find out what an allocation policy is and how it may affect a new issue available to UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man investors only.

  • Dr Peter Brooks

    Read some insight articles from Dr Peter Brooks, Barclays Head of Behavioural Finance.

  • Funds, ETFs and Investment Trusts

    Funds, ETFs and Investment Trusts are all types of collective investments. Our articles explain how they can help spread overall risk.

  • All ISA articles

    Learn about the Smart Investor Investment ISA, a tax-efficient account that protects your returns from income, dividend and capital gains tax.

  • Barclays Multi-Impact Growth Fund

    Read more about the Barclays Multi-Impact Growth Fund, including fees and the levels of risk involved.

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