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  • Before you start

    Explore our articles about addressing other aspects of your personal finances before you start investing.

  • Are you giving me advice?

    No – Barclays Smart Investor is a self directed non-advised investment service that lets you pick and choose your own investments.

  • The Barclays Group structure has changed

    Government reforms mean that Barclays must set up a new ring-fenced bank. We explain what this means for you.

  • Our Investment Videos

    Discover our most popular investing videos and remain up-to-date on the latest market trends.

  • How can I find the latest investment news and market research?

    Barclays Stockbrokers provides expert research, insight and market news to help guide your investment choices.

  • How To videos

    View our How To videos to help you get the most out of your Smart Investor account.

  • Staying invested

    Explore our articles about committing to long-term investments to give your money the greatest chance to grow. Capital at risk.

  • Principles of investing

    Explore our principles of investing covering four areas we believe are the most important aspects of investing.

  • What is a SIPP?

    Find out more about a self-invested personal pension, which lets you take control of the investment of your retirement savings.

  • Your first steps

    Taking your first steps as an investor can be daunting. We look at some of the principles you need to get to grips with before you begin.

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