Children's Regular Saver FAQs

If you want to know more about the Children’s Regular Saver, find answers for the most commonly asked questions.

What is the Children’s Regular Saver?

Our Children’s Regular Saver lets an adult set aside money for a child every month, with instant access to their savings if they need it.

This product was taken off sale on 12 August, so you won’t be able to open this account anymore.

I already have a Children’s Regular Saver – what happens now? Can I open another Children’s Regular Saver when this one matures?

If you opened a Children’s Regular Saver on or before 11 August, you’ll keep this account until it matures into a Barclays Children’s Savings account.

This will happen 12 months from the date you opened the account – we’ll be in touch to remind you nearer the time.

You won’t be able to open another Children’s Regular Saver when this one matures, as the account isn’t available anymore.

How much can I pay into this account?

You can pay in up to £100 per month, which is £1,200 in total over 12 months.

What’s the interest rate?

The higher rate of interest is 3.45% gross per year, and 3.50% AER. You’ll get this interest rate if you haven’t made any withdrawals from your account since interest was last paid.

The lower rate of interest is 1.50% gross per year, and 1.51% AER. This applies if you’ve made one or more withdrawals from the account since interest was last paid.

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