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  • Why get a home improvement loan from us?

    Take out a loan to make house or flat improvements and get a step closer to having the home of your dreams.

  • Online Banking

    Online Banking lets you keep track of your money day and night. Check statements, pay bills, move money and much more. It's convenient, easy and secure.

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    Barclays Instant Cash ISA. Check out our best cash ISA rates for 2013 online, and open a cash ISA account now

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    If you can lock your money away, you’ll earn a fixed rate of interest on your savings.

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    Saving towards your first home? You could get there quicker with a Help to Buy: ISA. Get a 25% government bonus towards your first home on amounts saved between £1,600 and £12,000.

  • Updating your apps for Android and Apple devices

    iOS and Android help for the Barclays Mobile Banking app and Barclays Pingit

  • Top-up your mobile at cash machines

    Find out how you can top up your mobile phone at Barclays cash machines.

  • What is a credit rating?

    Your credit score can impact your suitability for a loan in future, so it’s important to know what it is and how to improve it. Barclays can show you how.

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    Set aside money every month for your child, with access to your savings if you need it.

  • Barclays Bank Account

    A straightforward basic bank account from Barclays bank accounts. Contactless debit card. Free online banking. No monthly fee.

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