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  • Videos and demos

    Our videos show you how to start banking online, on your phone and by text. They're short and to the point and cover what you'll need to get started, how to log in securely and how to use the great new features.

  • Other borrowing options

    Whether you need a loan to finance home improvements, consolidate debts or simply buy something special, we've got something to suit you.

  • Send and receive money on your Lumia

    Pingit has arrived to Lumia Smartphones and it gives you the freedom to pay for your bills, send money to friends, family or abroad on the go. Find out more here.

  • Your bank account, your way

    Your bank account, your way

  • Quicker, easier Online Banking

    We’ve simplified Online Banking to make it easier and quicker and added more help every step of the way.

  • Philippines Appeal

    Make a donation to the DEC Philippines appeal quickly and easily with Barclays Pingit.

  • Getting help when you're abroad

    Don’t worry about card fraud when you are abroad, Barclays online banking can help you. Get more information here.

  • Guide to PINsentry

    Get extra protection when you bank online with PINsentry from Barclays.

  • Five sceptics, five days

    Try the Barclays Mobile Banking app for 5 days. It’s free, safe and easy to use and compatible with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows 8 Phone.

  • Mobile Banking App

    Give the new Barclays Mobile Banking app a try and manage your finances on the go. With Mobile Banking, you can check your balance, pay bills, and much more.

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