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  • Current account overdraft rates and charges

    See current account overdraft rates and service charges for the Barclays Bank Account.

  • Phone number checker

    Input any phone number into our phone number checker and we’ll confirm whether it’s a genuine Barclays telephone number for you.

  • Post Office banking

    Did you know you can do your Barclays banking essentials at the Post Office?

  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay lets you use your Apple device to pay with your Barclays debit card or Barclaycard wherever you see the Apple Pay or contactless logo.

  • Email payment fraud

    Learn how to spot a fraudulent email and what you should look out for to ensure your email and account information stay safe.

  • Contactless cash

    With contactless cash, you can take out money with just a tap of your contactless debit card or Android smartphone.

  • Easier ways to pay

    If illness or disability makes it harder for you to get cash and make payments, we have ways to help.

  • Download and register

    It's quick and easy to download and register for the Barclays app, and register for Online Banking. Here's how to get set up so you can bank from home.

  • Credit cards jargon buster

    Find credit card jargon confusing? Our simple guide will make sure you understand key industry terminology for credit cards.

  • Stay safe from fraud

    Fraud safety at uni. Discover the ways that fraudsters can take advantage, and how to help protect yourself.

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