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  • 1-Year Flexible Cash ISA

    With our 1-Year Flexible Cash ISA, you can earn a fixed rate on your money and make three free withdrawals – each one of up to 10% of your current balance.

  • How do I get a paper copy of my statement?

    You can do this for free in Online Banking (if you’re registered) or at our self-service kiosks in branch. Find out more here.

  • 1-Year Fixed-Rate Bond

    If you can set aside your money without access to it, you'll earn a fixed rate of interest on your savings.

  • Other ways to get in touch

    If illness or disability means you prefer to communicate with us in a particular way, we’ll do everything we can to help.

  • 2-Year Flexible Bond

    With a flexible bond, you can earn a fixed rate of interest on your money while still being able to access some of it. Explore our 2-Year Flexible Bond.

  • Email payment fraud

    Learn how to spot a fraudulent email and what you should look out for to ensure your email and account information stay safe.

  • Cashback FAQs

    Barclays Cashback frequently asked questions. If you want to know more about Cashback, find answers for the most commonly asked queries.

  • Supporting Law Society members in the UK

    Explore the services Barclays can offer you as a Law Society member.

  • Children and money

    Help the young people in your life to make sense of money from an early age. Find out how you can teach kids about money and saving.

  • The Barclays app features

    Explore all the features that your Barclays Mobile Banking app has to offer – make payments and see all your accounts from other banks in one place.

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