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  • Remote access fraud

    How fraudsters gain access to your personal data by pretending to solve a problem they’ve found for you.

  • Barclays app How to make a payment

  • Switch bank account

    Switch to Barclays and earn double cashback from Barclays Blue Rewards – or triple if you’re eligible for Premier. Switch your bank account to us today.

  • ISAs

    Take advantage of tax-free savings through our range of cash ISAs. Open one with as little as £1.

  • Expedia cashback

    Get exclusive holiday deals with 6% cashback on your hotel bookings and 3% on hotel with flights – from Barclays and Expedia.

  • Living or moving outside of the UK

    If you live outside of the UK, you could face changes to your banking and investment products and services with us.

  • Joint bank accounts

    If you live with someone, it can be easier to manage your money though a Joint Account. Apply online to start your application and complete in branch.

  • Manage your account

    You can let us know if your card's been lost or stolen, view your PIN and update your personal details in the Barclays app – here's how.

  • Why have I received a PINsentry card reader?

    We’ve sent you this because your account has been upgraded to protect your Online Banking transactions. Find out more here.

  • Barclays Children’s Savings

    Start saving for your children's future today with our instant-access savings account.

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