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  • Telephone Banking

    Find out how you can manage your Barclays account when it suits you with our secure and easy-to-use Telephone Banking service.

  • The Barclays app

    Use our app to run your accounts from the palm of your hand. Manage your accounts, add products from our Features Store and get instant help.

  • 1-Year Flexible Cash ISA

    With our 1-Year Flexible Cash ISA, you can earn a fixed rate on your money and make 3 free withdrawals – each one of up to 10% of your current balance.

  • 1-Year Fixed-Rate Bond

    If you can set aside your money without access to it, you'll earn a fixed rate of interest on your savings.

  • Guide to PINsentry

    PINsentry is a more secure way to verify your identity when you log in to Online Banking.

  • How do I find my sort code and account number?

    You can find your sort code and account number on your Barclays debit card, bank statements, Online Banking and on cheques or paying-in book.

  • The myth of the UK’s manufacturing decline

    Nigel Lewis looks at why demand for factory premises is rising despite the industry supposedly stagnating.

  • How old do I have to be to do my banking online?

    See how old you have to be to register for Barclays Online Banking, and what kind of account you need.

  • Open Banking

    Barclays Open Banking allows you to share your financial data with registered companies, and to pay in new ways directly from your current account.

  • 18 Month Flexible Bond

    With a flexible bond, you can earn a fixed rate of interest on your money while still being able to access some of it. Explore our 18 Month Flexible Bond.

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