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  • Take control of your debt with a Barclayloan

    If you’ve borrowed money from several different lenders, a debt consolidation loan could help you get on top of your finances.

  • Summary box

    With a flexible bond you can earn a fixed rate of interest on your money while still being able to access some of it.

  • Paying bills and other people in Online Banking

    Find out how to pay bills or other people with this guide to Barclays Online Banking.

  • Choosing the right option for you

    There are lots of reasons why you might want to borrow money, and choosing the right option for you can seem tricky – that’s why it’s a good idea to research what’s available.

  • Send and receive money on your Lumia

    Pingit has arrived to Lumia Smartphones and it gives you the freedom to pay for your bills, send money to friends, family or abroad on the go. Find out more here.

  • Accounts with extra features

    Find our best current accounts, from accounts with extra features and monthly cash rewards to a free basic account with contactless debit card.

  • Bring your debit card to life

    A Barclays Visa debit card is ideal for all your everyday banking needs

  • We’re with you every step of the way

    International trade opens your business to new markets. We provide practical help to get your business ready to import and export.

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    With farmers beginning to receive BPS subsidies, there is an increasing risk of subsidy fraud. Follow Barclays' advice to help keep your subsidies safe.

  • Rates and charges

    Rates and charges for Barclays Business Banking accounts, find out more today at

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